Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mizz_rich Makeover. :)

Another random makeover. (:
This one is for Mizz_rich. + um,
Yeh, i am pretty obsessed with
this hair style. (: ♥

Hope you like it. :]
love Gemma. :)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Omfg. D:

Why aren't any of my blogger images showing? ):
maybe it's just my computer. is anybody else having these problems?

Saturday, 27 March 2010

First Makeover; Queentaylor16

As my first makeover i just chose a random girl, As we haven't had any requests (Please comment in Guestbook) So i did queentaylor16.

I think i did a pretty good job for my first for this blog. It's actually better than Gemma's :] Haha. Joke! And can i say Thanks for letting me use your account for the makeovers. :)   That's all from me now, Ellie.

Friday, 26 March 2010


In the comments i got a request to do Daisy-Croatia's
medoll. Here it is; 

She already had a very pretty doll + it took
me quite a while to decide on the right makeup
to put on her, but in the end i went for a sweet look.
I removed the eyelashes, tears & beauty spots,
used the pale lipstick + add black eyeshadow.
then went over it in the darker purple & then in the 
corners with the lightest purple. Finishing touches;
i used the dark blusher. :]

Hope you liked it. 
Gemma. ♥

Back + better than ever. ♥

Hey, it's Gemma. I made my banner myself +
i also made my new partner in crime, Ellie one;

Ellie. also known as SDBabiiess..x is
popular for her amazing presentations. But
unfortuantly she's been having a hard time +
has decided to give it up. She does amazing 
makeovers. (: Her banner has a slightly orange 
doll because her medolls skin is that colour.
& mine is more pinkier. ♥

Well all welcome her, Be nice!
She'll do a amazing job. <3